Naphia Reggiani, Holistic Practitioner: Homeopathy, Natural Medicine and PSTEC

Naphia Reggiani Sussex homeopath and PSTEC practitioner photo

Would you like to improve your own or your family's health, well-being and confidence with safe yet effective methods?

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Homeopathy: How can this unique system of medicine benefit you?

Both a science and an art, and best viewed in the context of quantum physics, homeopathy offers a potent way of stimulating the vital force and strengthening immunity to move us towards improved health. Yet it is safe for use by new-born babies, pregnant women, frail or elderly people, or alongside conventional drugs in degenerative illnesses, or even for pets, because it works to restore balance in a person or animal, and is even more effective with nutritional and naturopathic support. Click for more about homeopathy

PSTEC: What you can gain by freeing your mind of negative, limiting baggage

Consciously or not, our thoughts and actions are constantly informed by our deep-seated beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. Many of these beliefs held in our �models� of the world that we�ve been building throughout our lives are out-dated and no longer serve us, however useful and appropriate they might have been when we first conceived of them. Because most of this information resides below our consciousness, in our �sub-conscious� minds, we don�t even realise on a day-to-day basis how much we may be holding ourselves back from fully participating in life, due to deep-seated thought patterns we might have developed in a stressful or frightening situation when we were perhaps small children. Click for more about PSTEC

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