About Naphia

Naphia Reggiani LCPH MCMA PSTEC Advanced

Holistic Practitioner: Homeopathy, Natural Medicine and PSTEC

I am passionate about helping people to realise more of their potential and to become empowered to improve their health and wellbeing.

Would you like to be able to chart a more confident course through the complex maze of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues facing us all today? We all need support if we want to get more from life, and working on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health gives us much greater opportunity to thrive.

photo of Naphia Reggiani, homeopath, Forest Row Sussex

A lifelong interest in health led me to explore numerous branches of healing, initially motivated by my own and my family�s health-related issues, and later through extensive studies and over 13 years of clinical practice.

You can now take advantage of my toolkit of effective, proven, safe and sustainable techniques.

Clients of all ages and with a wide range of needs benefit from being able to choose between different types of treatment, or to follow a custom-designed healing programme which combines different approaches for faster and more lasting results. In addition to homeopathy and PSTEC, I may also recommend and use naturopathic remedies and protocols, nutritional support, vibrational essences, kinesiology, energy healing and aromatherapy.

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In addition to my work with people, I am passionate about helping to heal our planet through environmental work, recycling, mindful consumption and preparing for a sustainable future. I believe that homeopathy and other forms of natural medicine offer tremendous potential, not only health-wise, but also in terms of sustainability.

My earlier background is in business/marketing consultancy, as a company director and later in a freelance capacity. I gained an honours degree in Psychology and Economics after leaving school.

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