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Homeopathy treats human beings rather than treating our illnesses. The totality of someone�s physical, as well as mental and emotional symptoms and characteristics is considered. Symptoms are actually very useful in helping us to find solutions to health problems — being messages or 'pointers' from our vital force to help us uncover the true nature and causes of our energy disturbances. When the deep-seated stuck energy patterns are released (like a traffic jam), our symptoms start disappearing.

Due to its complexity, homeopathy requires skill and experience to practice well, particularly in the context of chronic, on-going symptoms (as opposed to short-term acutes, which offer more scope for home-prescribing). Additionally there are many styles of prescribing. So even when someone has �tried it and it didn�t work� the lack of positive results may well have been due to remedy selection too far of the mark � easily done with more than 3,400 remedies to choose from, and each of those available in several potencies! Moreover, there may be a more appropriate prescribing strategy for the particular circumstances. The rewards of effective treatment are tremendous, so do come and find out how homeopathy can help you!

pic of natural remediesMy approach is highly practical, embracing the 'classical' method as an effective strategy when appropriate, but also using other proven and highly effective homeopathic and naturopathic methods where preparatory work is needed.

For example, during early stages of treatment many people need the rapid relief of symptoms that can be achieved by supporting over-worked organs, strengthening elimination pathways, improving nutritional status, and clearing out toxic build-up, while the underlying disease patterns are being worked on. This may, for example, require the use of safe, low-dose herbal tinctures or nutritional support in addition to homeopathic remedies. I may also use flower and gem essences, such as Alaskan, Australian Bush and Bach, where emotional support is needed while physical layers are being cleared.

You are welcome to contact me to find out how you or someone in your family might benefit from homeopathic treatment � a system of medicine years ahead of its time.

Examples of the kind of issues that clients consult me with include:

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