What Clients Say

Feedback from clients:

"Thank you for sending me the tablets. I do feel so much better and my blood pressure has calmed right down." Female client, seventies

"I've had skin problems on and off in my life and when I was studying for my A-level exams, my eczema became very bad. Naphia helped me through this stressful time, with remedies and PSTEC which not only cleared my skin, but also gave me the mental and emotional support, allowing me to do well in my exams. I am so grateful and owe her a lot!" Female client, aged 19

"I was in a pretty poor state when I first saw Naphia who understood my problem immediately. Within a month, the symptoms had subsided and I felt so much better. I would definitely use homoeopathy in the future." Female client, late fifties

"I had been suffering problems with my neck, pain, very bad lack of mobility and stiffness, for over a year. After really just a few days of taking remedies from Naphia, my neck was feeling much much better, with improved mobility and much less pain. After a few sessions of treatment now I have little pain and barely any stiffness." Male client, early forties

"My son had eczema on his arms and legs, and also a few emotional problems. Within a few treatments his eczema had cleared substantially and he was much happier in himself. He had always been frightened of going to bed and needed all the lights on, this also had improved and he was sleeping with only a small night light. Over the past year his skin has cleared up and his whole well-being has improved, he is not frightened at night and generally has more confidence." Mother of male client, aged 11

"When I started treatment five months ago I lacked a sense of well-being and had distinct perimenopausal symptoms. My first consultation was an emotional off-load which Naphia patiently and sensitively contained. She has a gentle manner and at all times I felt I could trust her with intimate details of my life. I began to notice improvements in my symptoms within a week. I have not been treated homeopathically before and this initiation has encouraged in me a strong belief in its effectiveness for the ailing human body and spirit. Female client, early fifties

"I have had ME/chronic fatigue syndrome for nearly five years and experienced considerable benefit from a course of Naphia's homeopathic treatment which, with her quiet friendly manner, made the two-and-a-half hour journeys to see her well worth while. There was alleviation of the chronic fatigue and an increase in stamina which enabled me to do more housework and gardening without exhaustion." Female client, early seventies

"I suffered from unpleasant feelings of being 'bloated' for longer than I care to remember. The usual array of indigestion products offered some temporary relief but that was all. So I was particularly grateful when Naphia used a different approach that much more effectively dealt with the problem, providing me with great relief." Male client, mid-forties


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